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Q. How much does it cost?
A: Pricing starts from £499 but vary depending on the event and what is required/requested. Special rates apply to charity events. Please request a quote to obtain an estimate for your event.

Q. How does it work exactly?
A. Prior to the event I will be in touch to discuss your ideas and any special requests. I will come to your event early and I will draw and paint before the guests arrive. Then I will paint the guests, the outfits and anything else you have requested such as flowers, cake, decorations or the venue. Occasionally I take photos as a reference. The paintings will be displayed immediately for the guests to enjoy there and then.

Q. How much room do you need?
A. I don’t need a lot of space, just enough for me, my easel and my art materials which are in an artist’s trolley. I can also work with a sketchpad on my lap.

Q. How long does it take to create a painting?
A: I work very fast. Some paintings will only take minutes whereas others can take longer up to 30-45 minutes. 

Q. What medium do you work with?
A: I use mixed media including gouache, graphite stick, collage, ink, water colour, pencil and pastel on heavyweight watercolour paper. I respond to what is in front of me and I work very intuitively.  

Q. Do I get to take the artworks home immediately?
A: Yes this is a possibility but it depends on the type of event and what has been requested. Some of the artworks will be finished in my studio. I can also professionally scan the artworks so it can be reproduced for thank you cards, collages and other items you have requested.

Q. Can I influence what gets painted on the day?
A. Of course you can! This is a very personal service I offer. It is very much an interaction between the client and the artist and the artist and her subject so please let me know your ideas.

Q. Do you offer replicas of the artworks?
A. Yes. It is possible to have artworks reproduced. There are various options including greeting/thank you cards, prints, a special collage, a handmade book and more. I own the copyright and the client keeps the artworks. Please contact me with your enquiry.

Q. Do you frame the artwork?
A. It is possible to select pieces and have them framed for which there is a charge. Request a quote. For instance for weddings all the artworks are mounted and presented in a bespoke portfolio. For other events the artwork will be mounted and handed out on the night. 

Q. When do I get the finished artworks?
A. If the artworks don’t need framing it is possible to take them away on the day. They will be mounted with a backing board and put in a plastic sleeve for protection.

For other events such as weddings some of the paintings will be finished in my studio. As soon as I have put the finishing touches onto it I will get the artworks to you. Please bear in mind that framing might take a little longer.

Q. Will you travel? How far?
A. Yes. Please get in touch and let me know your fabulous location. There is no charge for travel within 30 miles radius of Winchester.